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Ugyanez magyarul
Csillagászat oktatás információk (Astronomy lectures information, in Hungarian)
Az 1999. aug. 11-i napfogyatkozás(Total solar eclipse on 11. Aug. 1999, in Hungarian)

Welcome at my experimental homepage !

Essential biographic data:

born in 1944.

Graduated at the Lomonosov University (Moscow, Russia) as an astronomer in 1969.

Began working at the Heliophysical Observatory of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in 1969.

Married in 1969.

Degree of Candidate of Sciences (approx. Ph. D.) at Pulkovo Observatory 1980, Thesis ("Evolution of Sunspot Groups and their Magnetic Fields") written in the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory.

Head of the Heliophysical Observatory between 1982 Jan. 1 - 1997 June 30.

At present senior researcher there.

My wife died after prolonged illness in 2004.

Scientific interests:
Evolution of complex sunspot groups
Structure and evolution of solar magnetic fields

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