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András Ludmány e-mail: ludmany@tigris.unideb.hu

Physicist (1974, Kossuth University, Debrecen)
PhD (1989, Kiev)
Head of the Heliophysical Observatory, Debrecen (1997-2015)
Scientific advisor at MTA CSFK GGI (2016-)
Hungarian representative in the SCOSTEP (1997-)
Married, three children: Orsolya (girl, 1987), Fruzsina (girl, 1989), Bence (boy, 1996) 

    Fields of activity:
    • Proper motions of sunspots
    • Sunspot-spectroscopy
    • morphological features of sunspot groups
    • Solar-Terrestrial relations
List of publications
Lectures delivered at the Debreceni University 
(for students of physics, one of the following topics in the spring semester):
  • Plasma-astrophysics
  • Space research
  • Astrophysics with space instruments
  • Physics of the Sun and the Stars  
Formerly to the students of Debrecen Conservatory:
Musical acoustics
  • Activities in classic music (piano, flute, composition, choir)
  • Philosophy of science
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